Medical & Lift Applications

For medical and lifting motors, TDCM works with specific OEM customers who want outsourced high quality, extremely reliable motor production.

Our factory is ISO 9001 compliant, with comp temporary copper winding equipment to ensure the most consistent high performance and efficiency. CNC machine centers are employed to ensure the closest adherence to specification and tolerance critical areas and each motor is individually tested and performance-certified on dynamometers.

A key part of the TDCM quality system is to ensure rigorous testing to ensure that motors are delivered to meet requirements.

Wheelchair Motor

TDCM has developed and manufactures brushed and brushless wheelchair motors under some specific European and Asian brand names.

Medical Bed & Lift Motor

TDCM has a number of pulley and lift solution motors. which integrate into gear ratios and electric systems to create complete product solutions with European medical equipment providers.

New customer inquiries normally require design change in order to allow for proper integration into the product design, with all current pulley models being OEM designed to specific dimensions and performance characteristics.