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Proudly offer various propulsion solutions to you with cutting edge motor technologies across e-bike, micromobility, smart fitness and trainer by innovatively integrated torque sensor and high quality gear system to boost your competing power.

All solutions are ready to go, you will be free from long waiting queue for the bike transmission and e-bike systems!

The Best Motor for Electric Sharing Bike

As more cities trying to fix serious urban traffic issues by adopting ride sharing, bikes often start facing maintenance issues related to the mid-drive system and drivechain quickly under frequent usage. TDCM had spent a long time working with various bike sharing providers trying to find a highly feasible and reliable solution.

We now proudly present the torque-sensor integrated rear hub motor. Available in both 350W & 500W which not only fulfills different requirements but also save precious development time on integrating the electronic parts. There are also customizable agility options on motor controller for different utilizations (for example it could be built inside the motor).

Electric Vehicle

TDCM will review every OEM electric vehicle project, and provide feasible suggestions. We have over 20 years’ experience in electric motors for traction applications, providing a wide flexibility for our customer’s vehicles, from high power to discreet, noiseless designs.


Automotive products have always been part of TDCM core business and continue to be a major market segment for us. Our product range includes car fan modules, AGS (Active Grille Shutter) units, starter motors, among other applications.

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