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High performance propulsion since 1995

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About us...

Asia based high technology electric motors

TDCM has established itself as a key niche manufacturer in a number of electric motor markets and applications, including:

  • Automotive 

  • Hybrid & Electric Vehicles

  • Medical Applications

  • Unique OEM Motors

We work closely with our customers, in a mutual relationship, which combines specific product requirements with internal expertise. Combined with strong strategic partnerships, TDCM can offer full/semi-system solutions as well as motor components.



Providing propulsion solutions since 1995

Selective with who we work with, TDCM aim to provide a high service level to customers through the following production solutions:

  • High quantity, process manufacturing

  • Low quantity, high precision batch production

  • OEM design and project implementation

  • Original design manufacture

With production in Taoyuan, Taiwan; R&D and operations in Taipei, Taiwan; European headquarters in London, UK; and sales activities across five continents, TDCM operates a globally responsive business model.

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