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The Best Motor for Electric Sharing Bike

More and more cities try to solve serious traffic congestion by bike share system focusing on mid-drive system. However, high maintains for drivetrain after long-term cycling would not works at sharing bike system. TDCM has spent long time cooperating with some sharing bike system provider and tried to find out a high feasible and reliable solution.

We are now presenting the torque-sensor integrated rear hub motor. Both 350W & 500W may fulfill different requirement and save developing time for integrating electric parts. Agility option for motor controller would be customized for different functions or built inside the motor.

Electric Vehicle

TDCM will review every OEM electric vehicle project, and provide feasible suggestions. We have over 20 years’ experience in electric motors for traction applications, providing a wide flexibility for our customer’s vehicles, from high power to discreet, noiseless designs.


Automotive products have always been part of TDCM core business and continue to be a major market segment for us. Our product range includes car fan modules, AGS (Active Grille Shutter) units, starter motors, among other applications.

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